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Lost or Stolen Debit Card?
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Looking to stop paying with cash or checks? Use a credit card for your everyday purchases but want the convenience of getting cash on the go? Our SHAZAM® Mastercard® Debit Card may be perfect for you!

SHAZAM® Mastercard® Debit Cards give you a fast and convenient way to buy the products and services you need without having to write a check or carry cash. Contact your local branch to request a HomeTown Bank debit card.

Activate Your Card & Choose Your PIN

Activate your debit card and/or select your PIN with one easy phone call! Call SHAZAM® Easy PIN: (800) 717-4923 (follow the prompts)

  1. For security purposes, you must call from the primary phone number on record with the bank.  If you need to update your phone number on record, give us a call.
  2. Enter your card number.
  3. Enter the last 4 digits of your social security number.
  4. Enter the expiration date of your card.
  5. You’ll receive confirmation that your card has been activated.  Press “1” to choose or change your PIN.
  6. Enter your 4-digit PIN, then re-enter your PIN for verification.
  7. You will receive a confirmation number and will be able to use your new PIN going forward.
Lost or Stolen Debit Card?
Denied Transaction?

Contact your local branch during business hours, or SHAZAM® at (866) 508-2693 after bank hours

Suspected Fraud?

HomeTown Bank has partnered with SHAZAM®, our debit card provider, to handle all debit card disputes. Having SHAZAM® handle the disputes allows us to utilize the expertise of their team in this ever-changing process.

Cardholders can call any time, any day and reach a SHAZAM® Dispute Services representative at (833) 288-1126. The SHAZAM® Dispute line is now available 24/7 to report a fraudulent transaction on your card.

Dispute Process

  • The primary cardholder is responsible for filing a dispute and providing detailed information about the transaction.
  • Once your call is received by the SHAZAM® Dispute Department, they will open a claim and will begin an investigation.
  • During regular business hours, HomeTown Bank will apply a temporary credit to the account upon receiving notification from SHAZAM® a claim was made. The customer service representative for SHAZAM® will provide you with an estimated time frame for their completion of the investigation.
  • As the dispute process continues, you will be asked to provide supporting documents and signatures.
  • SHAZAM® will contact you following the investigation with their final decision

When filing a dispute, the following information may be helpful to have on hand if applicable:

  • The date you contacted the merchant along with the merchant’s response and name of the employee you spoke to.
  • Tracking numbers, contacts, and/or service agreements.
  • The date you returned item(s) or canceled service along with cancellation/confirmation numbers
Show your school pride with our HomeTown Bank School Spirit Debit Cards!

School Spirit Cards

HomeTown Bank has partnered with our local school districts to offer school-themed debit cards for our customers. These cards offer the same convenience and security as the traditional HomeTown Bankcard. Contact your local HomeTown Bank on how to upgrade or order your school spirit card!

Participating Schools:
  • BOLD Warriors
  • Cleveland Clippers
  • Holy Family Catholic Fire
  • Jordan Jaguars & Hubmen
  • Le Sueur-Henderson Giants
  • Redwood Area Cardinals
  • Shakopee Sabers
  • Waconia Wildcats

Did you know HomeTown Bank is part of the MoneyPass® Network of over 25,000 surcharge-free ATMs?

MoneyPassTo find a list of surcharge-free ATMs near you, simply navigate to the MoneyPass® website on your device. The website will show you a map with surcharge-free ATMs in your area, or you can find them by entering a zip code and/or an address. You can also filter results for your convenience based on ATMs with 24/7 availability, handicap accessibility, or deposit sharing functionality.

Privileged StatusAdditionally, gain access to 3,000 more surcharge-free ATMs identified with the Privileged Status™ logo!

Contact your local HomeTown Bank branch, visit moneypass.com or visit shazam.net for additional information.

Brella App

HomeTown Bank is offering yet another convenient service for its customers! With the Brella (formally known as SHAZAM® BOLT$) app cardholders can access balance information on their smartphones, tablets and home computers. Lost your card and want to put a temporary block on it but the bank is closed? Brella can do this! Want to know the nearest surcharge-free ATM? Brella can do this, too!

Reliable Fraud Protection

Brella can immediately send notifications to cardholders when potential fraudulent transactions pass through their card. When cardholders are aware of suspicious activity, such as purchases exceeding cardholder-defined limits, they can contact their financial institution and put a stop to it. Brella notifies cardholders of potentially fraudulent activity such as:

  • Purchase amounts exceeding the defined amount by the cardholder
  • Card-not-present transactions such as Internet or phone purchases
  • Suspicious transactions out of the cardholder’s normal transaction history
Transaction Control

Another great feature of Brella is transaction control. This feature allows you to be able to pause your card, without affecting previous transactions, if your card is stolen or goes missing. With the quick tap of a button, you can block or unblock your own cards much like a temporary card block the bank does. This fast and simple security feature increases safety. It not only gives you peace of mind and saves you the hassle of updating automatic payment information, but also saves you money by not replacing cards should they be found days later.

Transaction-Level Blocks

The transaction-level block feature allows cardholders to be able to set blocks for three transaction types:

  • Transactions over a specific dollar amount
  • Internet and phone transactions
  • Transactions outside the United States

If a block is in place for any of the above three transactions, the transaction will be declined on the spot. You, as a cardholder, will receive an alert each time an attempted transaction is blocked.

ATM Locator

Easily locate surcharge-free ATMs with our locator feature integrated with GPS technology. No matter where a Brella user travels, they’re able to locate the nearest ATM along with directions!

What is a digital wallet?

A digital wallet is a more convenient, secure way to bring all your numerous accounts and cards together. You then do not have to reach for your wallet when making a purchase. This is an application on your cell phone, tablet, or computer which allows you to make secure payments online, within apps, or in the store with merchants that can accept a digital wallet transaction.

  • Eliminates the need to take out your wallet and use your physical card to purchase.
  • Reduces the risk of fraud in digital channels.
  • Saves you time while you are at the cashier counter by simply holding your phone over the payment terminal and initiating the purchase.
  • Shop on the go online as you will not have to type in your card numbers to complete a purchase.

Apple Pay®

Samsung Pay®

Google Pay®


Garmin Pay™

Fitbit Pay™


In a digital wallet, your card number is translated into its own unique token, or in other words, a secret identity. These tokens are similarly set up like a card number; however, they can be anywhere from 13-19 digits in length and will change each time you use your digital wallet in a transaction. Cardholders may benefit in reduce fraud because the token number is exposed to your digital wallet instead of your physical card’s number. The only individuals who know the card number are the cardholder, the bank, and the token’s service provider. Any data breaches to a company where you have used your digital wallet should not be of a threat since that company will only have your token number in their transaction list, not your card number.


May I have more than one HomeTown Bank debit card in my digital wallet?
Yes, but you may only have one card set as your default card.

What HomeTown Bank debit cards can I add to my digital wallet?
Consumer, business, and HSA debit cards from HomeTown Bank are eligible to be added to your digital wallet.

How do I know if I can use my digital wallet at a merchant?
In-Store: You are able to use your digital wallet if the terminal has the contactless pay option activated with the logo on it.
Online: After you have found your new items online, proceed through the checkout system selecting your preferred wallet’s logo to log in and pay.

If my HomeTown Bank debit card is canceled due to fraud or being lost/stolen, can I still use my digital wallet to make a purchase with my HomeTown Bank debit card?
No, you will be unable to make a purchase through your digital wallet if your card is canceled. Once you receive your replacement card, you can go on your digital wallet and add your new card number.

Anytime you are traveling out of state, HomeTown Bank recommends you follow a couple of important notes to avoid having your card blocked due to suspected fraud. While you can call your local HomeTown Bank to get your card unblocked during our business hours, you can also call SHAZAM® at (866) 508-2693 if a transaction is getting denied unexpectedly.

  • Please notify your local HomeTown Bank of travel destinations and dates before you head off on your adventure.
  • Verify your current contact information with the bank in case SHAZAM®is trying to get a hold of you for a suspected fraudulent transaction.
  • PIN transactions are more secure and are less likely to be flagged for fraud, unlike signature transactions.
  • Always carry alternate means of payment in case your card was to be blocked and you cannot get in contact with HomeTown Bank or SHAZAM®.
    • Did you know HomeTown Bank offers credit cards with great rewards such as cashback? Check them out here!
  • Download Brella Card Manager from your phone’s application store to receive debit card notifications on your smartphone.

“Recently moved our accounts to HomeTown and have been incredibly impressed with the top notch service. Superb bankers and financing professionals.”

– Michael S. • Victoria, MN

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