Building a house and need a construction loan? We can help! Here is what we would need from you in order to give you an estimate on a construction loan.

Architectural Plans & Project Specifications: Provide a detailed architectural plan going over every aspect of your construction project. Project specifications include – project timeline, floor plans, ceiling heights, varieties of home insulation, cost of wood used, etc. These plans also include an inventory of all building materials being used.Construction Loan

Sworn Construction Statement: This statement will include the name of suppliers and subcontractors involved in your project, as well as the budget for the project.

Loan Application: You are able to receive a HomeTown Bank loan application from one of our lenders. Contact your local branch to receive one in order to have it completed when you arrive.

Financial Checklist:

  • Federal tax returns with all W-2 forms and k-1’s (last 2 years)
  • Last 2 original pay stubs for all applicants (if paid weekly, 4 pay stubs are required)
  • Bank statements for checking and savings accounts (last 2 months)
  • Investment account statements – 401k, IRA’s, brokerage accounts, etc. (last 2 month)
  • Most recent 1st (& 2nd) mortgage statements with complete loan numbers (if applicable)

In order to speed up your process, have your loan application completed with your financial documents and schedule an appointment with a lender. We would be happy to meet with you during this exciting time of your life!