As we celebrate our 100th anniversary, we are filled with gratitude for the incredible journey that has brought us to this milestone. It all began in Redwood Falls, where our first location was chartered a century ago. Since then, we have grown into a trusted community bank with 10 locations spread across western and southern Minnesota. From humble beginnings to becoming a cornerstone of financial stability, our history is a testament to the dedication and trust of our customers.

Over the decades, HomeTown Bank has witnessed and adapted to the ever-changing landscape of the financial industry. From the days of manual ledgers to the current era of digital transactions, we have embraced innovation while staying true to the core values that define us – integrity, reliability, and community focus.

Our journey has been marked by the relationships we’ve built, the dreams we’ve supported, and the milestones we’ve celebrated with our customers. As we reflect on the past, we’re reminded of the countless stories of success and resilience that have shaped our identity as a community bank.

Redwood Falls Savings and Loan Association 1974

Making a Difference Where It Matters Most

A century of growth is not just about numbers; it’s about the lives we’ve touched and the communities we’ve become a part of. Our commitment to make a positive impact is at the heart of everything we do, which is why we call our community outreach effort HomeTown Heart. From the early days in Redwood Falls to our expansion into new communities, we have ensured that giving back remains the foundation of our presence in every community we serve.

Through donations, meaningful partnerships, and hands-on volunteering, we have worked hard to be more than just a financial institution. We’ve supported local schools, community programs, and charitable organizations, fostering an environment where everyone can thrive. Our goal has always been to be a catalyst for positive change, addressing the unique needs of each community we serve.

A Glimpse Into Our Future

As we celebrate our 100th anniversary, we’re not just looking back; we’re also looking ahead with excitement and determination. The year 2024 holds a special significance for us as we prepare to open our 11th location in Carver, MN. This expansion is not just a testament to our growth but also a reaffirmation of our commitment to being a valuable resource wherever we go.

Our vision, “to be the bank our customers love,” drives us forward. It’s not just a statement; it’s a promise to continue evolving, innovating, and prioritizing the needs of our customers. We envision a future where banking is not just a transaction but a personalized, seamless experience that adds value to our customers’ lives.

HomeTown Bank Carver Ground Breaking

“Looking back on our first 100 years gives us great joy. We wouldn’t be here without the trust our communities and customers have placed in us. For that, we cannot thank them enough! We are also very excited for what the next 100 years will bring. We look forward to continuing our journey of growth, innovation, and unwavering support for the customers and communities we serve.” – Bob Southworth, HomeTown Bank President.

Celebrate with Us All Year Long

This year, our 100th anniversary celebrations are not just a one-time event – they are a year-long celebration of gratitude, reflection, and excitement for the future. To stay up-to-date with all the festivities, follow our Facebook page where we’ll be sharing stories, hosting events, and expressing our gratitude to everyone who has been a part of our incredible journey.

As we reflect on a century of service, we extend our heartfelt thanks to each and every customer, employee, and community member who has contributed to our success. Your trust and support have been the driving force behind our growth and impact. Here’s to the next 100 years of being the bank our customers love – together, we’ll continue to write the story of success, resilience, and community commitment.

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