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Sips and Scoops: The Journey of City Hall Creamery & Coffee

Jordan, Minnesota recently welcomed a delightful new addition to its downtown local business scene – City Hall Creamery & Coffee. Owned by Tim and Tresa Larkin, this charming coffee and ice cream shop brings together a deep-rooted connection to the town and a passion for creating a unique community space. A Hometown [...]

2024-07-19T14:08:35-05:00July 19th, 2024|

Achieving Your Dreams: One Deposit at a Time

The current economic situation is teaching Americans many things. As a society, singles, and families are learning new lessons, like how to prioritize spending, practice frugality, and mainly, understand and protect the value of their money. According to a 2024 American Express Survey of Millennial and Gen Z adults, 54% stated financial goals were foremost [...]

2024-07-09T15:07:28-05:00July 9th, 2024|

7 Essential Tips for First-Time Homebuyers

Are you dreaming of owning your first home? Becoming a homeowner is an exciting journey, but it's essential to approach it with preparation and knowledge. At HomeTown Bank, we understand the significance of this milestone and are here to provide you with valuable tips to make your home buying experience smooth and successful. Assess [...]

2024-05-28T12:15:34-05:00June 17th, 2024|

HomeTown Bank Now Offering New Mortgage Rate Relief Program

HomeTown Bank is proud to announce the launch of its new Mortgage Rate Relief program, in partnership with the Federal Home Loan Bank of Des Moines and the Mortgage Partnership Finance (MPF) program. This innovative product offers eligible households the opportunity to secure a mortgage with an interest rate that is approximately 2% lower [...]

2024-06-17T07:16:09-05:00June 13th, 2024|

Community Roots: Keeping the Coffee Shack Alive

Meet Joshua, the proud owner of Meyers’ Coffee Shack, a cherished drive-through coffee spot nestled in Olivia, MN. What started as a passion to keep the town's favorite coffee shop alive has blossomed into a thriving business in the community. Preserving a Town Favorite Joshua’s journey with Meyers’ Coffee Shack began unexpectedly. The shop was [...]

2024-05-17T13:19:24-05:00June 3rd, 2024|

Empowering the Future: The Importance of Teaching Financial Literacy

As parents, guardians and/or role models, we strive to equip our children with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in life. From teaching them to tie their shoes to helping them with homework, we play a crucial role in their development. One area that often gets overlooked but is incredibly important is [...]

2024-05-17T13:22:13-05:00May 6th, 2024|

Support Small Businesses – The Bedrock of the American Economy

Small Business Week, April 28 through May 4 this year, was designated by President John F. Kennedy in 1963 to celebrate the major contributions American small businesses make locally and nationally. One might say that supporting these small businesses in our communities is necessary, if not critical. In Minnesota alone, roughly 526,350 small businesses [...]

2024-05-17T13:22:46-05:00April 22nd, 2024|

The Power of Community Bank Partnerships in Ag Lending

Throughout Minnesota, agriculture stands as a cornerstone of the state’s economy, providing sustenance, employment, and economic stability. Amidst the sprawling fields and family-owned farms, community banks lay a pivotal role in shaping the agricultural sector by providing essential financial support. This blog explores three key reasons why banking with a community bank like HomeTown [...]

2024-05-17T13:22:58-05:00March 15th, 2024|

Defend Your Identity With Practical Tips for Theft Prevention

In today’s digital age, safeguarding your identity is more crucial than ever. Identity theft has become a prevalent issue, with criminals constantly devising new ways to exploit personal information for financial gain. As a community bank committed to the well-being of our customers, we understand the importance of providing you with practical tips to [...]

2024-05-17T13:23:08-05:00February 27th, 2024|

New Culinary Adventures Ahead: St. Boni Bistro

In the heart of St. Boni, Minnesota, just off Highway 7 and near the Dakota Rail Regional Trail, lies a hidden gem that has been a culinary cornerstone of the community for the past 14 years. St. Boni Bistro, a quaint bistro committed to organic, sustainable, and locally sourced foods, has not only won [...]

2024-05-17T13:23:22-05:00February 12th, 2024|
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