Pizza and a Plan.2

When Tim Huinker’s friends and neighbors witnessed firsthand the wood fired pizza being baked in his backyard, they knew he was onto something big.

A landscape contractor by trade, Tim was repeatedly approached by people who wanted a similar wood fired pizza oven of their own. The idea to outfit a mobile trailer with one of his unique pizza oven sensations was born, so Tim and his wife Kris set out to find a trailer system that would work and hammer out a business plan.

With his pizza oven on wheels concept and business plan in hand, Tim approached Mike Orth, Vice President of HomeTown Bank of Waconia. The two already knew each other from their kids’ sports activities. Mike shares, “one of the great facets of being a part of a smaller city is getting to know people. I already knew Tim and his family from when I was coaching his kids. When Tim came to me with his concept for ‘Rolling Hearth Bistro’, I was confident in his business plan and ability to get his idea off the ground.” Mike provided a business loan for Tim’s new business, and assisted him with setting up his business accounts and related services at HomeTown Bank.

In addition to his connection to Mike, HomeTown Bank’s convenient location to Tim’s home, and their commitment to customers and the local community, played an important part in his decision to take his business to them. “When I stop in, there’s an air of familiarity I just don’t find elsewhere. Every HomeTown Bank employee knows my name.” Indeed, the team at HomeTown Bank is Tim and Kris’s cheering section as their business continues to grow exponentially.

“Since we started selling pizzas and the Rolling Hearth Bistro name started to spread, we can hardly keep up with requests. We are booking weddings, graduations, and private parties six months in advance, and people are telling their friends. It’s great!”

HomeTown Bank is pleased to help Tim and Kris get their Rolling Hearth Bistro started, as well as be here to support any of their growing business needs. In the interim, our staff loves an opportunity to enjoy their unique, delicious pizza. Each June HomeTown Bank in Waconia throws a customer appreciation party in our parking lot and has Rolling Hearth Bistro there to make pizzas. “It’s a well-attended event that we all enjoy attending. I’m honored to be asked to participate and sincerely appreciate HomeTown Bank doing business with their own customers. Their commitment to the local community is evident,” says Tim.

If you have a new business idea and would like more information on our business financing and related services, contact HomeTown Bank today. You can learn more about Rolling Hearth Bistro at