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Financing New Business Ventures: Pizza and a Plan

When Tim Huinker's friends and neighbors witnessed firsthand the wood fired pizza being baked in his backyard, they knew he was onto something big. A landscape contractor by trade, Tim was repeatedly approached by people who wanted a similar wood fired pizza oven of their own. The idea to outfit a mobile trailer with one [...]

2023-10-31T12:26:53-05:00June 7th, 2016|

Mobile Deposit

At HomeTown Bank, we understand how busy your life is and are here to make it easier for you. With our latest convenient service, Mobile Deposit, we can do just that.  Spend less time running errands and more time doing what you love. This service provides the flexibility to bank on your own time. Deposit [...]

2020-01-06T08:13:44-06:00May 20th, 2016|

Working Together to Streamline Small Business

Relationships and referrals are paramount to growing business and building trust. Do you know who frequently refers your business to others? HomeTown Bank knows that Lynn Johnson-Nicolai refers us to those in her personal and professional network. All of us at Hometown Bank appreciate people like Lynn who tell others about our distinctive approach to banking. [...]

2023-10-31T12:26:58-05:00April 26th, 2016|

In case of an accident……

Gather information Automobile Accidents Obtain the name of the other driver and license number of the other vehicle. Other Losses Take the necessary precautions to protect your property from further damage. In the event of personal injury, obtain the names and address of individuals involved and witnesses. Not discuss details Do not discuss the details [...]

2019-10-04T12:20:57-05:00March 20th, 2016|

Internet Security Tips

The Internet is a major source of user traffic for many aspects such as shopping, social media, research, or even banking. Everything that is done on the Internet can be tracked by numerous people such as the government and hackers. To keep your information safe while you browse the web, shopping, or checking your bank [...]

2019-10-04T12:40:38-05:00February 20th, 2016|

From Chevys to Sugar Beets, HomeTown Bank is Here to Help

How did a vibrant trucking business and a brand new custom beet harvest business come to take roots in rural Minnesota? This story starts with rural Bird Island native, Chris Rodel at the young age of 16. He opened his first personal checking account at HomeTown Bank in Olivia, and not long after, his (ultra-cool) [...]

2023-10-31T12:27:03-05:00January 31st, 2016|

Helping Fulton Brewery Grow As A Downtown Destination

Ryan Petz is the president of Fulton Brewery and co-owners with Brian Hoffman, Jim Diley, and Pete Grande. Ryan shares about the history of Fulton Brewery with HomeTown Bank. “My company, Fulton Brewing, has been banking with HomeTown Bank since shortly after we started our business in 2009. Fulton started out as four guys homebrewing [...]

2023-10-31T12:27:07-05:00December 15th, 2015|

Positive Pay for Business to Protect Against Check Fraud

The introduction of Positive Pay brings another level of fraud protection for our business customers. With Positive Pay, the customer uploads a list of checks they have issued. The Internet Banking system is then used by the customer to verify the paid items and the items posting to their account are in fact a match. [...]

2019-10-04T12:53:57-05:00November 20th, 2015|

Real-Time Debit Card Transaction Processing

With real-time processing, your account will automatically be updated whenever a transaction is processed with your HomeTown Bank debit card. Whether you use your debit card every two minutes or two hours, you'll appreciate having the most up-to-date account information available - immediately. When you make a deposit at one of our locations, you will [...]

2019-10-04T12:55:31-05:00October 20th, 2015|


Did you know that HomeTown Bank is part of the MoneyPass surcharge-free ATM network? The MoneyPass network offers 24,000 surcharge-free ATMs coast to coast located where you live, work and travel. It is easy to access your accounts and avoid surcharge fees with money-saving MoneyPass ATMs. Cardholders never pay surcharge fees for cash withdrawals at [...]

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