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When Holly Schutte decided the time was right to purchase her first home in the summer of 2016, she had found the perfect two-story townhome in Shakopee.

As she started the process with her real estate agent and lender, “I had no idea the property I was purchasing was tied up in litigation. I did not know what that was, nor did I know to ask such a question,” says Holly. “When things fell through, I was really concerned about having to start over.” As anyone who’s ever bought a home knows, there are a lot of moving parts to purchasing a home and getting financing in order. While anxiously awaiting a move-in date, it’s hard enough to wait the weeks it takes to get to the closing, let alone completely starting the home buying process over.

Lucky for Holly, the initial lender she was working with Holly Schutte - Testimonialrecommended she contact HomeTown Bank in Shakopee, who was able to step in and help her avoid starting all over again from scratch. “[The lender] was able to save the day and get things done faster than expected,” Holly shares. “He and the team at HomeTown Bank have years of experience in residential lending. Some people may think a larger bank would be a better solution, but actually I’ve learned firsthand the opposite is true. Smaller institutions like HomeTown Bank have more flexibility in lending and therefore much better luck helping customers with situations similar to mine.”

HomeTown Bank was able to help Holly avoid additional delays and navigate the litigation process to get her financing in order in time to close by September, just three short months after finding her home.

“I’m from a small town in southwest Minnesota and loved that when I walked into the bank everyone knew who I was, and they were as friendly as they were professional. And that’s what I love about HomeTown Bank; it’s the exact same feeling. I highly recommend HomeTown Bank to anyone looking to buy their first or next home.”

Buying your first home provides a lifetime of memories, and HomeTown Bank wants to help insure you are able to look back on the process with satisfaction and nostalgia. If you are looking at purchasing your first home, contact your nearest HomeTown Bank location to find out how we can help.