Testimony - Alissa Looking Beyond the MetroWhen Alissa, a writer living in the Twin Cities, started the search for the best home refinancing rate, she was expecting to find it at a big bank in the metro area.  Instead, she discovered it in her hometown of Redwood Falls, Minnesota at HomeTown Bank.

Alissa lives in downtown Minneapolis in a condo she purchased just over 5 years ago, overlooking the city skyline. Being a writer by trade, Alissa is the first to admit that she’s much better with words than numbers; so, when she decided to refinance she was a bit intimidated. She admitted, “I began by contacting a few lenders in the Twin Cities to shop around for the best rate. After talking with advisors from several large banks and credit unions, I was left with a lot of questions.”

This is when Alissa’s Dad stepped in. She remembers, “My dad suggested I contact HomeTown Bank in Redwood Falls (my hometown). Living in Minneapolis, I assume the Twin Cities has everything I need and more; going back to a small town for this seemed inconvenient.”  Despite Alissa’s hesitation, she followed her dad’s counsel and reached out to HomeTown Bank in Redwood Falls.

Surprisingly, Alissa felt an immediate connection with Lisa Meints, a Loan Officer at HomeTown Bank.  Alissa pointed out, “Lisa was excellent in her communication (email and over-the-phone) and was always on top of things. She was great about explaining each step of the process and made sure to keep me up-to-date.” Alissa felt comfortable asking her questions when she didn’t understand something, which made all the difference.

It didn’t take long for Alissa to make the decision to choose HomeTown Bank for her refinance, despite her initial reservations about banking in a small town.  The staff at HomeTown Bank made it so convenient for Alissa to do business with them – especially when it came to closing time.  Alissa revealed, “When Lisa emailed me about scheduling my closing, I was pleasantly surprised that she offered to come to me — so convenient! I appreciated that very much and valued the in-person appointment.” After communication over phone and email for several weeks, the two women met for the first time in-person to sign the papers. Alissa explained, “We met at Dunn Bros, signed paperwork over coffee and ended our time together by chatting about our hobbies.  That’s exactly the personal service for which I was looking.” 

Alissa was delighted with her experience with HomeTown Bank, and found it to be convenient, seamless and a great learning opportunity.

Refinancing your home loan shouldn’t be confusing and time-consuming.  Start your search for the best refinancing rate and top-notch service at your nearest HomeTown Bank. Even if your nearest HomeTown Bank is far from home, we give our customers the top-notch service they have come to expect.