Financing New Business Ventures: Pizza and a Plan

When Tim Huinker's friends and neighbors witnessed firsthand the wood fired pizza being baked in his backyard, they knew he was onto something big. A landscape contractor by trade, Tim was repeatedly approached by people who wanted a similar wood fired pizza oven of their own. The idea to outfit a mobile trailer with one [...]

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Working Together to Streamline Small Business

Relationships and referrals are paramount to growing business and building trust. Do you know who frequently refers your business to others? HomeTown Bank knows that Lynn Johnson-Nicolai refers us to those in her personal and professional network. All of us at Hometown Bank appreciate people like Lynn who tell others about our distinctive approach to banking. [...]

2023-10-31T12:26:58-05:00April 26th, 2016|

From Chevys to Sugar Beets, HomeTown Bank is Here to Help

How did a vibrant trucking business and a brand new custom beet harvest business come to take roots in rural Minnesota? This story starts with rural Bird Island native, Chris Rodel at the young age of 16. He opened his first personal checking account at HomeTown Bank in Olivia, and not long after, his (ultra-cool) [...]

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Helping Fulton Brewery Grow As A Downtown Destination

Ryan Petz is the president of Fulton Brewery and co-owners with Brian Hoffman, Jim Diley, and Pete Grande. Ryan shares about the history of Fulton Brewery with HomeTown Bank. “My company, Fulton Brewing, has been banking with HomeTown Bank since shortly after we started our business in 2009. Fulton started out as four guys homebrewing [...]

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